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Trendy Medium Length Haircuts for Endless Possibilities

It’s no wonder that shoulder-length haircuts are so popular. They are extremely versatile because you can wear your hair down, put it up in a hair tie or get a stunning up-do. Follow the latest trends or not, these cuts let you be yourself. If you have long hair, a medium length haircuts lets you lose some length without going too short. Long bobs, shoulder length layers, flipped up ends, the possibilities are endless!  Plus when you add highlights and color, your hair will pop in all the right places.

Endless Possibilities for Medium Length Haircuts


Long Bob with Bangs

This playful shoulder length style takes you from morning till night with easy maintenance. Dark roots and blonde ombre highlights at the tips adds a unique touch to your hairdo. Get some extra volume with long layers and you are ready for anything.

Sleek Bob

With angled bangs to slim your face, this elegant and smooth style complements any face shape. Keep the layers to a minimum but add some texture to the ends for a little depth.

Tapered Layers

Update your shoulder-length haircut to razor-taper so that your hair frames your face. Wow!  What a difference a little change can make. This romantic look gives you wispy strands that highlight your facial features.


Oh, those lovely spirals. If you have curly hair, you know all about it. Get some all over layers and add lots of shine products to define and separate the strands of this curly hairdo.

Shoulder Length Layers

This soft, multi-layered cut with a little volume will flatter any face. You’ll love the low maintenance and round shape of this updated style.

Do the Wave

Control your wavy hair with long layers to stretch out the curl definition. That first layer should cut around chin length, then follow the curl pattern to layer the rest of your hair.

Flip for It

A few layers at the ends of your hair will give you those saucy, flipped up ends. Try it with any medium length haircuts style to change up your hairdo.

Side-Swept Bangs

Long layers and soft, side-swept bangs flatter any face. Wear this haircut with the ends turned under for a little volume. It also looks great with a few loose curls at the ends.  Either way, this is a classic winning style.

Red Alert

This simple hairstyle gives you flowing movement with long layers and a center part. Add some vibrant color like a crimson red and everyone will want to know who does your beautiful hair.

Band Together

Create a unique look with a headband to pull hair back off of your face. Easiest style ever and gives you a variation on the ponytail.

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